Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

Step 1:

Our first step in our carpet cleaning process is the application of our all natural organic cleaning solution. We apply this solution with a pressurized sprayer, onto the carpet, paying special attention to the heavy traffic areas as well as spots and stains. This cleaning solution helps break the bond that soils, particulants, and spots have with the carpet fibers. By breaking this bond, this allows us to rinse and recover up to 98% of all the soil in your carpet, without causing damage to the fibers and without over-wetting.

Step 2:

Our second step in our professional carpet cleaning process is the use of Mosmatic Spinners, the leader in spinner jet technology. We use a RX-20 HE Rotary Extraction Cleaning Tool. Basically what this does is connect to our powerful truck mounted steam cleaning unit. The RX-20 makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute while spraying our very hot neutralizing rinsing agent to adjust the PH of your carpet back to neutral as it dries. The RX-20 cleans a carpet deeper, extracting soil and cleaning solution. The rotating head cleans all sides of the carpet fiber, fluffing up and restoring the pile. This machine helps us to dry carpets faster to reduce spot wicking.

Step 3: (Add-on service – Call for pricing.)

The third step in our process is to apply a bonding sealant to protect the dye sites of the carpet fibers. This non-polymer sealant basically plugs the little dye sites (microscopic holes) in the carpet fibers, preventing soil particulants, dyes, oils, etc., from penetrating those dye sites and causing discoloration or permanent staining. This allows your vacuuming to be more efficient as well as adding a measure of protection against the many different spills that can be made in a person’s’ home.

Step 4:

Our fourth and final step is to groom and dry the carpet. We groom the carpet with a carpet brush, depending on the type of carpet as well as the carpet pile structure. What this does is not only make the carpet look good, but it also stands up the carpet fibers to allow for quicker dry times.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Here at Keep It Clean, we strive to provide the best quality tile and grout cleaning service available in Las Vegas. With our state of the art tile and grout cleaning equipment, we are able to surpass what others only claim. The above image is taken from an actual tile and grout cleaning job in Las Vegas. You can see the difference between the dirty tile and grout and the clean tile and grout.

How It Works:

We test your tile and grout to find out which of our environmentally safe cleaning agents to use. Since not all dirty tile and grout are the same, we must test to determine which of our solutions will work best. We carry an acid solution as well as an alkaline solution to make sure we’ve got all the bases covered.
Once the tile and grout have been tested and the proper solution determined, we apply our cleaning solution and allow some proper dwell time for the solution to start breaking up all the greases and oils on the tile and in the grout lines.
After applying our solution and giving proper dwell time, we scrub your grout lines with a grout brush. This grout brush breaks up all the gunk that has accumulated in your grout lines and along with the cleaning solution, this is the IICRC standard for tile and grout cleaning.
Once the scrubbing is done, we follow up with a hot, high pressure rinse. Basically it’s pressure washing your tile and grout with very hot water. What this does is blast hot water into your grout lines, pressure washing all the gunk and the cleaning solution off of the tile and grout, while extracting the dirty water out to a wastewater holding tank in our truck.
After cleaning your tile and grout, we apply sealant to your grout lines. What this does is add a protective and invisible barrier in between your clean grout lines and the dirt that will get on your floor. This prevents your grout lines from staining as well as becoming brittle from use.

Area Rug Cleaning

Here at Keep It Clean, we provide professional area rug cleaning for most types of area rugs from around the world. Not all rugs are the same. Some are wool and others are not. Some of dyes that have not been stabilized while others are made from man made materials such as silk, olefin and nylon. Because of the different types of area rugs and the different types of materials they are made from, not all area rugs can be cleaned the same way. You can’t clean an Aubusson rug the same way you would clean a silk rug or a nylon rug you purchased from Home Depot. Natural fibers are cleaned completely differently from man made.

Types of Area Rugs We Clean:




Chobi (Peshawar)




Oushak (Ushak)

Persian Medallion (Kashan)


This is not a complete list of area rugs that we can clean. There are many more types of area rugs that we are able to clean and restore. If you have one of the above mentioned area rugs and need it cleaned, please don’t be foolish about choosing the right company to clean it for you. Just because a price is cheap, does not mean they know what they are doing. Leave it to the professionals at Keep It Clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

Here at Keep It Clean Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in fine fabric cleaning of upholstered furniture. We clean most fabrics including, but not limited to: cotton, haitian cotton, chenille, rayon, herculon, acrylic, etc. Not all fabrics are the same and not all fabrics are cleaned the same way. Sometimes dyes need to be set in order to prevent dye bleeding into the fabric. Sometimes a fabric or fiber set needs to be used to prevent browning or discoloring. Because of the different variables encountered when cleaning furniture and fine fabrics, we cannot give an exact price over the phone, but only an ESTIMATE based on client description of said furniture.

Why You Should Clean Your Furniture

Have you ever been sitting or lying on your sofa and noticed an odor or different texture. How about itching? Well just so you know, your furniture is “lived on”. By this I mean that it is used daily because it’s a major part of your home. If you were to wear the same pair of clothes everyday and not wash them, they would become quite odorous and probably cause you to itch. Then why would you not clean your furniture, which you do use almost every day.

Fabrics that are used daily tend to collect dead skin, skin oils, sweat, hair oils, soils and dyes from clothes, soils from pets, bed bugs, dust mites, etc. If you don’t properly maintain your furnishings, after time the build up of soils and particulates can tend to discolor fabrics and cause them to wear and show permanent damage. Just like anything else you own, your fabrics must be maintained in order to keep up a new looking appearance.

Why Choose Keep It Clean to Clean Your Upholstery

  1. We hold and maintain a 5 star certification in fabric cleaning. What does this mean? Education, training, and experience.
  2. 10 years experience cleaning everything from inexpensive fabrics to very fine fabrics.
  3. We use ONLY environmentally safe, NON-toxic, all natural cleaning solutions.
  4. Top of the line upholstery cleaning equipment and tools.
  5. Fast dry times.

Pet Urine & Odor Treatment

If you are a pet owner and have ever had to try and train a puppy or you have that dog or cat that just can’t stop peeing on the carpet, then you may have some pet odor issues and be in need of our assistance. If you’ll notice the diagram above, you can see how the urine goes through the carpet and pad and into the subfloor. You can try and treat is all you want, but you are just making matters worse. How? Let me explain. You will probably pull out your trusty ol’ pet stain remover. Ever wonder why the pet stains turn dark after a few weeks of you cleaning them? That’s because when you use those pet stain removers. These are alkaline detergents and simply designed to “hide” the stain but because of the glycerin along with oils that are contained in the solution, this causes dirt and dust to stick to the spot that you cleaned, making it turn dark. You cannot remove an alkaline stain with an alkaline detergent.

In order to remove an alkaline stain, you must use an acid because it is opposite on the ph scale, bringing the ph back to neutral, therefore, most of the time, removing the pet urine stain from your carpet. The odor and the urine in the pad and subfloor is a different story. This needs to be treated and thoroughly flushed out. If not, the urine NEVER really dries and leaves little crystals that expel the odor until properly treated.

NOTE: Pet urine damage is considered “PERMANENT DAMAGE”. Urine odor can never be removed 100% from carpet or pad. We can flush it out and treat it to prevent it from stinking up a room and eliminate 90-95% of the odor, but 100% is not possible. Urine causes permanent damage that cannot be undone. Also, sometimes urine stains will not come out, no matter what we do. They tend to bleach or permanently discolor certain types of carpet.

Emergency Water Removal

Have you ever come home to a soaking wet carpet or a house full of water? Well if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. When this happens, it can cost as little as $500 up to $5,000 or more for a single one room flood. If you get the water out quickly and get the carpet dried up as soon as possible, you prevent further damage to your property. Insurance companies call this “secondary damage”. The longer it stays wet, the more damage that will be caused due to moisture seepage and wicking. Mold can start to generate in your walls and then you have a problem. Call us and let us remove the water before more damage occurs.

Carpet Stretching

Do you have ripples in your carpet? Is your carpet loose? Are you in need of carpet stretching? Look no further. We can stretch the carpet in your home at a reasonable cost and you can finally be rid of those ugly ripples that keep getting dirty. After we stretch your carpet, we can clean it so there are no longer an visible remnants of the ripples.

Carpet Repair

Our Carpet Repair Services Include:

  • Burns
  • Rips
  • Tears
  • Plugs
  • Wax Removal
  • Pet Damage
  • Holes
  • Stairs