Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

Step 1:
We pre-vacuum your carpet in order to eliminate as much dry soil particulate as possible. When you add moisture to dirt, you get mud, right? Well, that’s where proper vacuuming comes into play. Once you have removed most of the dry soil, this allows for a much more thorough and deep cleaning.

Our second step in our carpet cleaning process is the application of our all natural organic cleaning solution. We apply this solution with a pressurized sprayer, onto the carpet, paying special attention to the heavy traffic areas as well as spots and stains. This cleaning solution helps break the bond that soils, particulants, and spots have with the carpet fibers. By breaking this bond, this allows us to rinse and recover up to 98% of all the soil in your carpet, without causing damage to the fibers and without overwetting.

Step 3:
Our third step in our professional carpet cleaning process is the use of rotary jet extraction. We use a rotary extractor called the RX-20. Basically what this does is connect to our powerful truck mounted steam cleaning unit. The RX-20 then has a head that spins in a circle while spraying our very hot neutralizing rinsing agent to adjust the PH of your carpet back to neutral as it dries. The RX-20 cleans 5 times better than the tradition scrub want used by 99% of carpet cleaners. The manual scrub wand relies on the operator while the RX-20 relies only on electricity. This machine helps us to restore those carpets that would normally have to be replaced.

Step 4:
The fourth step in our process is to apply a bonding sealant to protect the dye sites of the carpet fibers. This non-polymer sealant basically plugs the little dye sites (microscopic holes) in the carpet fibers, preventing soil particulants, dyes, oils, etc., from penetrating those dye sites and causing discoloration or permanent staining. This allows your vacuuming to be more efficient as well as adding a measure of protection against the many different spills that can be made in a persons’ home.

Step 5:
Our fifth and final step is to groom and dry the carpet. We groom the carpet with either a carpet brush or a carpet rake, depending on the type of carpet as well as the carpet pile structure. What this does is not only make the carpet look good, but it also stands up the carpet fibers to allow for quicker dry times.