Area Rug Cleaning

Here at Keep It Clean, we provide professional area rug cleaning for most types of area rugs from around the world. Not all rugs are the same. Some are wool and others are not. Some of dyes that have not been stabilized while others are made from man made materials such as silk, olefin and nylon. Because of the different types of area rugs and the different types of materials they are made from, not all area rugs can be cleaned the same way. You can’t clean an Aubusson rug the same way you would clean a silk rug or a nylon rug you purchased from Home Depot. Natural fibers are cleaned completely differently from man made.

Types of Area Rugs We Clean:




Chobi (Peshawar)




Oushak (Ushak)

Persian Medallion (Kashan)


This is not a complete list of area rugs that we can clean. There are many more types of area rugs that we are able to clean and restore. If you have one of the above mentioned area rugs and need it cleaned, please don’t be foolish about choosing the right company to clean it for you. Just because a price is cheap, does not mean they know what they are doing. Leave it to the professionals at Keep It Clean.